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1. We prefer to communicate by Email. This allows us both to have a record of the communication.

a) Label messages with your Company Name/Your Property Name v Tenant Last Name(s) Example: Best Mgmt/Brentwood Apts v Smith/Dunn #44
b) USE INTAKE SHEET TO COMMENCE CASE. Provide a fully completed intake sheet with your new case.
c) When sending over a new case, provide lease, rules, all notices issued, proof of service of notices, correspondence, complaints, accounting ledger, notices of rent increase and/or decrease, applicable subsidy program riders or HAP contract, applicable photographs, police reports, etc. Our lawyers need to review all relevant documents to provided informed opinions.
d) Direct initial messages and new cases to Eric Steven at
e) Limit email messages to one subject tenancy at a time. If multiple tenancies are involved then send separate messages about those tenancies including all their relevant documents.
f) Organize documents in chronological order prior to sending file.
g) Provide a ­clear­ directive of desired action.

2. Communicate with our attorneys prior to issuing notice – If the tenant engages in conduct in violation of tenant duties then you must elect a remedy. If you issue a Comply or Vacate notice then you have invited the tenant to comply with tenant duties and maintain tenancy. Reach out to counsel prior to selecting a remedy and issuing a compliance notice in the event of the arrest of a tenant, seizure of drugs, or when you want to terminate tenancy.

3. Do not immediately deposit rent after issuing a notice to quit or terminate tenancy. Check with counsel and make sure you are not waiving the right to evict by accepting the rent tendered.

4. Provide projects for termination of tenancy, or document reviews, several days prior to due date.

5. Present legal questions to attorneys, not staff at Steven Law Office. The attorneys in our office are Mr. Eric Steven, Mrs. Michelle Myers, and Mr. Jean Paul Barnard.

6. Label messages relating to Reasonable Accommodation Request situations urgent requests for action. These matters require immediate attention.

7. Read documents provided by our office. Our office sends clients copies of documents. Please review documents for accuracy and to understand the process of the case.

8. Avoid unnecessary and/or excessive communication with our office: Please read messages and documents provided from our office as they typically include timelines. While you are welcome to follow up on matter, we will contact you when necessary. Please promptly reply to telephone calls and messages as we won’t contact you unless there is a reason. Our staff bills for time spent communicating with clients. Clients who provide documents in advance, use short direct and concise messages, and avoid unnecessary communications obtain the most cost effective services.

We look forward to working with you. We strive to provide the best, most cost effective representation possible.

Eric M. Steven

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